Our garden services cover Johannesburg South and surrounding areas, including the East Rand.

Garden Services:

Garden Services

Mow lawn & trim edges

Cultivate flower beds

Trimming of shrubs & trees

Prune & seal roses

Remove creepers and dead growth from trees, shrubs & fences

Trim away growth around electric fences

Remove illegal shoot-ups

Remove soil and weeds along the curbstones

Sweep and blow all paving and walkways

Remove large flat weeds on lawn

Water pot plants

Clear out storm water drains

Spot spray weeds on paving & driveways

Additional Services:

Tree felling

Tree trimming




Shade grass

Instant lawn

Fertilizing spike rolling

Lawn dressing

Garden revamping

Flower beds shaping

Fruit tree planting

Pruning and sealing

Seedlings, shrubs & tree planting

Palm removals

Stump removals and paving repairs

Ring rooting i.e. cutting roots that lift the pavement.

Vacuum & clean all outside furniture.

Spray Roses & fruit trees.

Spread fertilizer

Cutting of firebreaks.

Garden Services